Summer Wildlife; things to look out for this season

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29th July 2021

Summer is arguably the most beautiful season of the year. In the warmer months, the nights get shorter and the days get hotter, with nature in full bloom and an array of amazing smells wafting through the air! Summer is one of the most active times of the year for animals, bursting at the seams with life.

Summer is the perfect time of year for taking an active interest in Wildlife. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:


Swifts spend almost their entire life soaring the skies and migrate all the way from Africa to the UK during the summer. They race, rise, fall, and scream while flying, giving the countryside a spectacular performance. In recent years, their numbers have plummeted. To help protect the species, you can build a swift nest box where they can nurse their chicks. Keep an eye out for these amazing birds from July to August!


At the start of summer, the bumblebee ‘worker’ females will work both inside and outside the nest. You will see them on the hunt for nectar and pollen, hovering from flower to flower. You can’t miss their bright yellow bodies and their distinctive buzzing sound. These tiny creatures are a bee-utiful sight to behold.


Squirrels are active during the day, foraging for food in trees and on the ground. They will also happily visit your garden peanut feeders if you’re kind enough to supply them. In summer, squirrels are always on the lookout for a nice bit of shade and enjoy lying flat out with their bellies pressed against the ground. This helps them cool down and maintain high levels of activity throughout the day, even on the hottest days. 


Summer is the best time for foxes as there is plenty of food available, meaning cubs have an easier time learning how to hunt. Foxes will use their sense of smell to find prey and you may see them with their noses down, checking for scents. You can help out the nation’s foxes by shopping at our WildThings fox food range here.


Most hedgehogs are born in June and July, which means they have the rest of summer to learn how to find food. Insects, like earwigs and beetles, thrive in summer and provide a feast for foraging hoglets. Don’t forget to leave a dish of fresh water out every evening to help the hogs stay hydrated while it’s warm. Our Hedgehog food will also go down a treat; click this way to shop now.

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