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Why can bread be bad?

Feeding bread to swans and ducks is a fond pastime for many of us, reminiscent of happy childhood trips to the local park. But did you know that there are healthier alternatives to bread which are much better for the birds and the environment?

Eating bread in excess can cause nutrient and vitamin deficiencies, and is linked more commonly to white bread than brown. Although fed to wildfowl for years, white bread these days is unhealthier than ever before. Made of highly-processed, simple carbohydrates, this is digested quickly without providing many nutrients. In addition, uneaten bread allows bacteria to breed and attracts rats and other vermin.

However, this doesn’t mean we have to stop our fun trips to the lake to feed the ducks. Giving birds the right food is good for both them and the environment. Plus, many can be found in your fridge or freezer, such as frozen peas, sweetcorn and lettuce leaves! So next time you go down to the pond, why not take a healthier alternative and do your bit to protect our wildlife.

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There are lots of healthier alternatives that you can take down to your local lake, including sweetcorn, frozen peas and lettuce!

At WildThings we have specially developed our Swan & Duck Food to ensure a nutritious and wholesome alternative to bread, which:

Provides essential vitamins & minerals

Floats on the water's surface

Remains accessible to the birds for longer

An environmentally friendly alternative

Is very tasty!

Now you can do your bit by protecting our wildlife from the inside out.

Download our Better than Bread activity sheet
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WildThings are working to protect our wildlife from the inside out. By feeding bread to swans & ducks, we are unknowingly harming their health and the surrounding environment. WildThings have developed a range of nutritious feeds that contain all the vitamins and minerals our wildfowl need, protecting the future of our wildlife and ecosystem for generations to come.

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