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Wildthings Swan and Duck food

1Packed with nutrients

Filled with essential nutrients, our WildThings products encourage healthy, balanced diets throughout the wildlife world.

2Floats rather than sinks

Our WildThings Swan & Duck Food will float on the water's surface, helping prevent water pollution by remaining edible long enough to get eaten!

3Better for stomachs

We're advocates of #BetterThanBread and so our WildThings products have been carefully designed to reflect this.

4All natural

Only natural ingredients go into our products, making WildThings the perfect addition to nature's fare.

5Environmentally responsible

We're committed to supporting wildlife welfare through product development and using our platforms to educate others on how they can too be environmentally responsible.

Wildthings Swan and Duck food

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You can do your bit to help sustain the future of our wildlife by following the advice given in our handy ‘how to’ guides. Learn ways in which you can care for the wildlife in your garden and local community.

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