How to guides

You can do your bit to help sustain the future of our wildlife by following the advice given in our handy ‘how to’ guides. Learn ways in which you can care for the wildlife in your garden and local community.

How to make a DIY hedgehog café

Looking for something to do with the kids during the summer holidays? Why not build a hedgehog cafe! By feeding…

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How to help save our swans

Swans, Britain’s Royal Birds, need our help and protection in order to prevent their numbers from rapidly declining. They are…

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How to attract wild ducks to your pond

Attracting ducks to your pond is a great way to keep nuisance bugs and slugs under control! By making a…

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How can you tell if a fox has been in your garden?

Foxes are very intelligent animals. They have adapted to urban life to live happily alongside us in our ever-changing landscape….

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How can I help a sick hedgehog?

What should I do if I find a sick or injured hedgehog? You should think carefully about deciding what to…

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How to identify a badger’s sett

What is a badger’s sett? A badger’s sett is essentially a badger’s den. Think of it as a hideout for…

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